Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It's official...

I am burnt out.  Completely.  On what? you ask....   Home schooling.

Awwwww.....not this again??!

Yep.  Every time I try to deal with some issue, or even just to try to get a schedule in place for the day, it's like my brain just wants to shut down.  It's at the point of just doing busy-work in the work books to make it "look" like we're accomplishing something, and so that I "feel" like I did something "school" that day.  In reality I'd like to toss in the towel for this year and call it done.  Kaput.  Fin.  But then I feel guilty and tell myself that the schools around here (public and private alike) all go until the end of May, and so should we.  But right now I'm trying to finish this week and cannot see how we'll make it that far!!

I need a WHOLE new focus for next year.  I think I still want them home, believe it or not.  We just need new curriculum, more of a schedule and more clearly defined expectations of what should be accomplished in a day, a month, a semester, etc..  I'm NO good at drafting our own plan.  I have proved that without a shadow of a doubt.  MOM needs the structure as much (more!?) than the kiddos!

Anyway, I just needed to say that. 

Carry on with your day!!


The Real Me! said...

You need me to encourage you. Because I have been where you are at many many times. Do you have any good homeschooling books to inspire and direct you? If not I could probably recommend some. And don't give up, you just have to find your groove. You can do this. Don't expect so much from yourself and your kids. A book that I read that opened up a new way of homeschooling for me was The Charlotte Mason Companion. It just made so much sense in saying that learning is more of a lifestyle at home rather than rigid tests and papers. I would read it if I were you.
You can always email me to my friend with specific question that you might have.
Or maybe you just wanted to vent and in that case you can disregard this whole comment! LOL!

The Not So Perfect Housewife said...

Oh your not alone. It's that time of year.. coming off the holidays and knowing the end is near. It's hard to keep going.
Don't fret. Try to find some new and fun things to do now to mix it up a little...
Hope you end the homeschool year well!

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