Sunday, November 9, 2008

There are HOW many people there??!!.....

I have been realizing the last few days what a culture shock it's going to be for us - and esp. the kids - moving from our tiny hamlet of barely 1200 residents to central Florida where a "small" town is more like 10,000 people! The two examples that woke me up to this were first of all looking at the web site of a church. It had an ad on one of the Ocala newspaper's web site, so I clicked it to see what it was about. It turns out to be something right up our alley, but I tell you there is nothing in all of New England quite like this place!! The segment they had on their children's programs was amazing, and there were a ton of kids. Then I thought, kids now are lucky if they have 15 kids in their Sunday school class!!!

Then, the other day I was looking up schools and school districts in the area we are looking to move to. The site I was on listed the various schools in a given county, followed by a few stats and then the school's population/enrollment..... Again, WOW. My kids' elementary school has a total pop. of maybe 80 kids. The average down there is well into the hundreds, and the middle and high schools are huge!!!

So, it's going to be interesting to say the least! But I hope it will also be a positive experience as well. While there are some aspects of rural NH living that are great, there is a whole other world out there that we don't get to see very often.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

On our way to Florida!

Well, not "actually," yet. But the decision has officially been made. And I am so many kinds of excited. There are not enough Dancing Babnanas in the world to properly express it!

Hmm.....can't seem to insert any kind of emoticon here. Will have to investigate that.

Anyway, in between all the holiday stuff that goes on this time of year, I'll be going through "stuff" and trying to lighten our load. I have things that have been in boxes since we moved here! That was six years ago! If I haven't missed it, I don't need it.

I'm watching the cats tear it up around the house this morning and realizing what a treat that's gonna be, moving them 1,400 miles in the back of our van!! We've actually got a good-sized rabbit type cage that will comfortably fit them both, where they can ride most of the time. They will wear a harness and have a leash so we can take them out at rest areas for exercise. At night they can roam freely inside the van while we sleep in the camper.

The camper!!!!....that I will finally get to take to Fort Wilderness!!! Oh yeah baby!

I am so getting Annual Passes for the World when we get there. I will do the full AP for the first year; no water parks and such, but just the ones that have no blackout dates. We want to do Star Wars weekends once or twice, and those normally fall in the summer blackout zone. Plus, during the first year when it's all new and we still can't get enough, who wants to worry about not being able to go on any given weekend!?

Well, I'm off to go browse rentals again, and dream of my new Florida home....
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