Monday, April 5, 2010


So today is definitely one of "those" days....It's funny, moms with kids in school usually say they can't wait for vacation weeks to be over.  I, on the other hand, can't wait for them to begin!!!  Because that means I get a break from teaching!!

This year has really been about de-schooling.  It's April and we're still trying to find our groove!  Yikes.   Well, the workbooks are nearing the end so I know at least they've been doing something.  I need to regroup and come up with a different plan for next year.

I am actually going to tour a local Christian school tomorrow.  No commitments, just to go see and talk with someone.  They are very affordable as private schools go, but since DH and I work in ministry, the paychecks are modest and it will really be all about the "bottom line."  Right now I can see my youngest being interested in going there.  I was hoping maybe the middle son as well, but we'll see about that.  Oldest is making noise about the nearby public school.  Since our zoned school district is very bad in every way, shape and form, we can petition to go to the next one over.  It's a very small district and is only comprised of an elementary school and a combined middle/high school.  I think the grades have an average of only 30-40 kids each!  That's grades, not classrooms.  I'm not into public [read: government-run] schools at ALL right now.  Neither is hubby.  But, oldest son will be 14 and in 8th grade next year and I feel it deserves a family discussion at the very least.  He would never, ever go for the private school option, so I'm not even exploring that.

But!  If youngest and oldest go off to a school next year, then that leaves me with just middle son, who I think might actually benefit from some real one-on-one mom/dad time.  So often that middle kid sort of gets lost in the fray, y'know?  He's the quiet type, too, so you never really know what's going through his head (that was me as a child so I can totally relate!).

At any rate, I do know that who ever is here for home school next year, we need a much more organized curriculum....I love the idea of "natural" learning but my kids just aren't catching on to it and we end up either arguing or doing not much of anything (outside of the workbooks for math and language arts).

It it something that will be getting lots of prayer!

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The Real Me! said...

I'm with you my friend. Homeschooling definitely takes a lot of prayer. LOL! You have to find your groove. Our groove has changed quite a few times since we've been homeschooling. You just have to be flexible and one thing may not work for everyone. So sometimes you have to adapt things for each child because they all learn so differently.
Big Hugs coming your way.

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