Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thank You Very Much!

I'm trying something new today!
Here's how it works:
It's Free Therapy Day!! That's right, it's Thursday, which means it's the Thank You Very Much day. The way it works is that you post your little peeves that may have affected you in some way during the week and say, Thank You Very Much in a slightly sarcastic tone. 

To the people using the pool who went into the camp building that was off-limits, apparently because the open bathrooms were too far to walk, and dragged sand all over the floor and generally made a mess of what took me FOUR hours to clean the other day.....Thank you very much....because with summer season about to start, I have to time to go back and do it all again.

To my husband who has reawakened the bug to return to Alaska.....Thank you very much....Like I needed another big trip to plan!

 To my coffee, which I can't seem to start my day without....Thank you very much.

To my van....Look, I love you.  Would you please stop dropping parts all over the road?.....Thank you very much.
To my beloved kids who think they need a new, clean glass every time they want a drink and thereby fill my sink full of dishes on an hourly basis....Thank you very much.

*phew*!...well that felt kinda good!  
Give it a try!



Kelly said...

Don't you feel that sometimes you need a vacation to get over the vacation/planning of a vacation? it's crazy trying to get all of that together!

Good luck with the van!

Kmama said...

I laughed out loud at the one to your van...which is good, and not good (I just had surgery yesterday so it was a bit painful). LOL

Sorry about the crazy people using the wrong bathroom. How maddening!

Thank you so much for linking up!

Mary said...

Why is it kids don't realize they can reuse their cups? Especially if they have used them for water!

The Real Me! said...

It was my first time doing that today too. And it did feel good! LOL!

Beth Zimmerman said...

Hey Girl!
New follower. Found you through TYVM. We do the new glass thing at my house too only my youngest is 20. Good luck changing that! :)


Lisa said...

I'm so sorry! I laughed out loud about your van too! We are going to plan a big vacation for next summer and I'm tired thinking about it!

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