Monday, April 27, 2009

Long overdue update


We're finally in Florida! It was quite a trip... Nothing went "as planned," but God has been with us and has shown Himself in small but very clear ways. Which is a good thing, because we've wondered often if we did the right thing. Not that we had much choice. Less than a week after DH left his job, they had their first lay-off in almost 12 years. Since the numbers are based purely on seniority, he would have been out with only 8-1/2 years there. So, at least we can say that it's not like we left a successful job and made a huge mistake!!

When we arrived in Florida we were hoping to secure a rental. It was hard to do long-distance, even with my dad acting as a local contact. But having no job to back up any kind of lease (and most people wanted a commitment, not just a short-term deal) nobody really wanted to talk to us.

Except, oddly, the wonderful couple who own the mobile home park we are now living in in our OWN HOME! Go figure. No one would rent to us, but they were willing to sell to us. I think they liked us and we are the kind of family they want here. Plus they had spent considerable time talking with my dad and looking at the available homes with him. A relationship was definitely established before we even got here. It's not what we planned, to be sure, but we have a bigger house than I ever dreamed we'd get (4 bedrooms plus a den!!) and it's in a very kid-friendly neighborhood.

Then, on moving-in day, we met our next-door neighbor, who, it turns out, is a Christian who attends the church we were interested in!!! God is so good and you just know that was no accident! One more way He let us know He's with us.

As of today we are still waiting for DH to find a job. So, so many leads and nothing concrete. I admit it's getting scary (1st mtg./lot rent payment is due June 1!) but I continue to trust in my Lord to provide. I have no doubts about what He's done so far, so I have to trust Him for the rest. He sold our home in NH in 3 weeks in the dead of winter in the current housing slump; he gave us our own home when landlords wouldn't talk to us; He has done many small things that gave us assurance....He will open the door for the job!

Any of you inclined to pray to that end, we sure would appreciate it!

Other than that, we LOVE life in Florida!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am getting quite used to it and the kids like being able to go to the pool and the beach all the time. I know the "real" heat is yet to come, but we've experience it before and come next January when it's 10 degrees and snowy up north, I will be really, really happy that I'm here! lol!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Funnies!

What REALLY happens to all those single, missing socks!

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